At Bridgeport We Do It All. Bridgeport Insulated Wire is where precision engineering, the latest production technologies and dedication to customer’s needs are unsurpassed in the world of insulated wire. 

Bridgeport Insulated Wire was established in 1950, right here in the U.S.A. We stock a wide variety of products, all of which are manufactured to meet customers rigid specifications


Our specially designed equipment textile serves with complete uniformity. Our complete line of machinery is designed and built specifically for the manufacture of fine wire by our own staff engineers in accordance with ongoing research development programs. 

Our facilities include the following: 

  • Versatile twisting machinery for the stranding of both fine and Litzendraht wire.  
  • Enameling machinery for the manufacture of quality fine wire. 
  • Wiredrawing facilities for the manufacture of fine wire. 
  • Tinning and stranding machinery especially designed for the manufacture of small gauge stranded wire.

Bobbin Winding 

As part of an ongoing effort to meet our customers ever changing needs, The Bridgeport Insulated Wire Company has added Bobbin Winding to its list of specialty application. Single Strand, Parallel, and twisted constructions are manufactured on 16 and k24 carrier bobbins to customer specifications. 

Military Specifications

All of Bridgeport Wires products are manufactured to NEMA 1000 specifications. Many insulations are also UL approved or in the process of receiving such approval. Many insulations have also received Naval (JW-117/A) approval. Our Engineering Department is always available for consultation regarding government approvals.

Wire Applications

Bridgeport Insulated Wire serves a large number of manufacturers in the electrical, aircraft, instrument, television, motor and other industries. Manufacturers of electrical components such as transformers, solenoids, small fractional motors, syncros, relays, and other devices relay on Bridgeport Insulated Wire for the special quality they require in the wire they use in their products. 

Bridgeport Insulated Wire is a member of National Electrical Manufacture Associations (NEMA). 

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