Products by Bridgeport Insulated Wire

Bridgeport Insulated Wire manufacturers and stocks a wide-variety of specialty wire products. Some of our products include the following: 

  • Magnet wire for surface mount applications 
  • Triple and quadruple build insulated magnet wires in 8 assorted colors (high temperature enameled wires available in 4 colors) 
  • #26-#48 round copper wire enameled with many insulations listed in NEMA 1000 wire specifications 
  • Gripeze 
  • Bondables 
  • Enameled alloy wires 
  • Bare and tin plated copper conductors 
  • UL, NEMA, and Military-approved insulations (JW1777 Designation) 
  • Litz Wires 
  • Bifilar and trivialize bonded magnet wires 
  • Stranded and enameled resistance wires 
  • Matched resistance wires 
  • Standee bare and tinned copper cables 
  • Single, double, and triple served wires unsung glass, Daglas, Nomex, Nylon, Cotton, Celanese, and Kevlar 
  • Various Bobbin Wound constructions 
  • Stranded cadmium copper 
  • Customer designed specialty items upon request 
  • Extensive Engineering support 

Two Bridgeport Insulated Wire Specialty companies include: